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Adhesive Nipples - Ivory

Perfect after a mastectomy

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Estimated 24/04/2018

Estimated 24/04/2018

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1 pair of natural-looking Adhesive Nipples in Ivory from Amoena

The adhesive nipples stick and un-stick directly to your skin where the nipple once was thanks to its sticky surface. You can also stick them onto your breast form or directly onto your reconstructed breast.

Very easy to use, you can stick and peel-off as you like. Clean your adhesive nipple with the Soft Cleanser from Amoena after each use to keep its adhesive quality.

You will appreciate its thin edges for a perfect transition with your reconstructed breast, partial breast form or breast form.

Choose the colour that best suits your skin tone and the right size for your bust:

Size S: 3.4 cm de diamètre

Size M: 3.9 cm de diamètre

Size L: 4.9 cm de diamètre

The ivory colour is ideal for light skin tones.

100% silicone

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