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Water-based Exfoliating Mask

Delicately removes dead skin - 50ml

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Estimated 24/04/2018

The water-based exfoliating mask from V10 Plus is a gentle skin peeling that is essential when taking care of your skin. It is ideal for those looking for a natural glow due to a dull complexion.

Thanks to its natural active ingredients, such as algae and rice extracts, this exfoliating mask delicately removes dead skin cells giving to your skin a radiant look. This soft peeling is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive and irritated as it respects the fragile skin, even during cancer treatments.

From the very first application, the mask leaves your skin looking smooth, even and moisturised.

Apply a small amount of the water-based exfoliating mask onto clean, dry skin.

Leave to sit for 5 seconds, then gently massage with your fingertips while making small circular movements.

Rice extracts, algae extracts

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