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Okinawa Deep Sea Water-Based Mask

Give back suppleness and hydration to your skin - 100ml

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Estimated 30/04/2018

The Okinawa deep sea water-based mask from the Japanese cosmetic brand V10 Plus is the ideal for giving back suppleness and hydration to your skin.

This face mask contains hyaluronic acid, algae extracts, minerals as well as Okinawa water (an island in the southern part of Japan), all are essential ingredients to moisturise the skin, prevent dryness and enhance the elasticity of your skin.

Your skin is often weakened and dry due to cancer treatments, this face mask leaves a healthy glow and perfectly moisturises the skin.

Apply a thin layer of the Okinawa deep sea water-based mask on the thoroughly cleansed and dried face (also around the contour of the mouth and the eye).

For a perfect result, let the mask work in overnight; otherwise leave to act for 20-30 min.

Remove the mask with a wet glove and gently dry.

This face mask can be used every day.

Active ingredients: sodium hyaluronate

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