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Weleda - Myrrh Mouthwash

Mouthwash with Myrrh extract - 50ml

£ 9.00

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Estimated 26/04/2018

The myrrh mouthwash from Weleda purifies and cleans the mouth, while respecting the sensitive mucous. It prevents ulcers during the chemotherapy and stimulates your gums.

The myrrh mouthwash leaves a gentle refreshing taste in your mouth.

Volume: 50ml

  • Dilute in a water glass

  • Rinse mouth and spit


  • Alcohol

  • Water

  • Myrrh bush extracts

  • Rhatany root extract

  • Essential oils (clove, lavander, peppermint, sage)

  • Highly diluted substances (Aesculus cortex, Fluorite, Kieserite, Argentum nitricum)

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