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Evonail - Nail Repair Treatment

Nail care solution for damaged nails with UV filters to protect during chemotherapy.

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The Evonail Nail Repair Treatment from Evaux is the perfect nail care solution for damaged nails. It contains UV filters to protect your nails during chemotherapy and soothes, strengthens and regenerates

Rich in trace elements such as silica, lithium, fluorine and manganese, the Evonail nail repair treatment repairs, moisturises and eases inflammations and scars on your nails.

There are several types of nail damage that may occur when cancer patients undergo chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy: brittle nails, nail malformation or nail softening being the most common. These unpleasant side effects can be prevented by using the Evonail nail repair.

The Evonail nail repair protects and regenerates your nails thanks to silica and lithium that are naturally present in the Evaux-les-Bains thermal spring water. It also contains efficient UVA/UVB filters.

The Evonail nail repair can be removed without using nail polish remover.

Available in a 15ml glass flask with an integrated brush applicator, it lasts approximately one month.

Evaux follows a quality charter that respects the tolerance level of the skin and guarantees 100% hyperthermal, naturally rich water.


PROVEN POST-CHEMOTHERAPY RESULTS: 52% decrease in chemo-affected nails*

When applied 2 times a day:

  • Delays the apparition of nail side effects
  • Decreases by 52% the chances of side effects occurring
  • Reduces the gravity of side effects

* Study conducted on 103 women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Presented at the World Oncology Congress (ASCO) and published in the Breast Cancer Research & Treatment Review.

Whether for nail care or prevention, the Evonail nail repair treatment can be applied to the nail and the skin surrounding it several times a day depending on the level of hydration needed. You can use the nail repair during cancer treatments and 3 months after your last session. 

Curative care: 2 applications every day in the morning and evening

Preventive care: 1 application per day in the morning

Shake the flask well before using.

Apply the Evonail nail repair treatment on your nails and the skin surrounding it in the morning and evening with the brush applicator. It dries in 2-3 minutes and leaves a ma, invisible film.

To clean your nails, use the Evonail nail cleanser twice a week: pour the Evonail nail cleanser into a bowl of warm water (approximately one teaspoon), then soak your finger in the water for a few minutes.

Do not use a nail polish remover as it is too aggressive for your nails.

Evonail nail repair treatment is a solution that forms a protective film with trace elements, silica, lithium, fluorine and manganese, naturally present in the Evaux-les-Bains thermal spring water.

Silica: moisturises and regenerates

Lithium: anti-inflammatory effect

Manganese: heals, antioxidant

pH neutral: 6,9 + lithium: soothes, anti-irritant, reinforces the skin barrier.


Aqua, Polyacrylate-16, Sodium benzotriazolyl butylphenol sulfonate, Chlorphenesin, Xanthan gum, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl glycol, Piroctone olamine

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