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Cream for desperate nails - Miss Ferling

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Instead of hiding the bad condition of your nails, offer them a brief detox treatment (and no, no polish for a few days) with this beneficial cream specially created for them.

This original product blends plants and chemical actives to bring back vitality, pliability and vigor to damaged nails – while taking care of cuticles as well.

Discover without further delay its original texture and the new application method preventing greasy hands.

This cream is recommended after aggressive medical treatment, after chemotherapy, overuse of polish or fake nails, loss of a nail, or for nails that have become brittle, are splitting or breaking.

Its special texture is rich in actives and in vegetal oily ingredients that nourish the nails – the components of which are very different from those of the skin.

Apply on bare nails 2 to 3 times daily. With the well-designed nozzle, no more sticky hands!

At night, before going to sleep, massage a generous amount of cream on to the nails and cuticles to ensure thorough absorption. During the day, deposit a drop on the nails of one hand, and massage each nail with the corresponding nail of the opposite hand. The notice clearly explains how to keep fingertips clean and free from sticky cream.
It is imperative, when using this cream, to stop using products that hide the damage on the nails or slow down the healing process. It must be used alone, without polish, at least twice a day.

A few recommended good habits for brittle nails: file them instead of cutting them, and always file in the same direction (no back and forth movement). Go easy on your cuticles, just push them back gently, particularly at night when applying the cream.

The active boosting the concentration of silicon was chosen for its results in the efficiency test (we use the same dosage in our cream).
Test conducted on 15 volunteers during 2 weeks: the concentration of silicon in the nail increased by 88%.

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