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VEA Nails - Protective Nail Oil

Protects and strengthens nails after chemotherapy - 8 ml

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VEA Nails protective nail oil is recommended for weak and fragile nails damaged by medical treatment. Its unique formula strengthens and nourishes nails whilst softening cuticles. The vitamin E in the oil has antioxidant properties that prevent lesions and help rebuild the nail for optimum results. Nail keratin is nourished and the nail is stronger and more resistant to external aggressions.

Apply a small amount of the product (approx. one drop) to the base of nails then gently massage in until completely absorbed.
Repeat twice daily.

Vitamin E: Antioxidants, protects and moisturises
Hypoallergenic formula to minimise the risk of allergies.

Tocopheryl Acetate 100%

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