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Natural Herbal Hair Colour - Blonde

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Terre de couleur

For light blonde to light brown hair

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Terre de Couleur plant-based blonde hair colour is ideal for colouring hair after cancer treatment. Its chemical-free formula enhances hair and perfectly covers greys. This hair colouring does not lighten the hair but uses shine and luminosity to restore radiance.

100% plant-based, this hair colour leaves a protective film for resistance against external aggressions and optimum hydration. It is recommended for light blonde to light brown hair.

NB. This hair colour is not recommended for 100% grey hair. To use this hair colour on grey hair, mix the golden hair colour with the Corrective Pre-colouring treatment for Light Hair using the proportions indicated in the "Instructions" section. Each box contains the following elements: 1 plastic cap, 1 pair of gloves and 1 sachet of coloured powder.

NB.Terre de Couleur hair colour does not lighten but plays on highlights and luminosity.
These colour treatments create a natural highlighting effect

NB. Results are never uniform, this will depend on your natural colour.
If you want to cover white or grey hair, this is the proportion of colouring to use:

If it is the first time you have used plant-based colour, this natural colour treatment should ideally be used after detoxing your hair with a clay hair mask.
Prepare the colour: mix 100g of powder with 360 ml of water using a wooden spatula to create a creamy paste
Leave to sit for 10-15 minutes
Apply the colour to washed, dried, combed hair
Apply strand by strand (as thin as possible) starting at the roots using a brush
If white hairs start showing even after colour has been applied, reapply the paste
Wrap your hair in kitchen paper towel and put a head scarf or shower cap (included in the packet) over the top.
Follow the recommended application times.
Rinse until water runs clear
Use Indiana balm to add the finishing touches to the colour

Frequency of use: 
Apply every 8 weeks. Wait at least 6 months after the end of your cancer treatment before beginning colour treatments.

Free of preservatives, perfumes, oxidant, ammoniac and chemical molecules.

Algin, Quartz, Walnut Stain (sagia juglens), Black Tea (Camelia chinensis), Roucou (Bixa orellana), Curcuma (Curcuma longa), Indigo Plant (Indigofera tinetoria), Henna (Lawsonia inermis), Haematoxylon campechianum wood extract, Haematoxylum brasiletto.

Not tested on animals. Non-irradiated plants

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Natural Herbal Hair Colour - Blonde

Natural Herbal Hair Colour - Blonde

For light blonde to light brown hair

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