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100% Natural Herbal Hair Colour - Chocolate

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For light blonde to dark brown hair

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Chocolate natural hair colour from Logona is specially designed for those wanting to colour their hair after chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. 100% plant-based, this colouring leaves a protective film, for resistance against external aggressions and optimum hydration. Logona hair colour gently and durably colours hair. It does not penetrate the hair fibre, but coats the hair to protect and revitalize it. This plant-based hair colour envelops your hair, giving it shine, volume and colour for weeks. It will not irritate the scalp.

The colouring is rich in warm highlights and creates bright shades. This hair dye is colourant-free, fragrance-free and synthetic preservative-free, composed of plant powders and enriched with jojoba oil, wheat proteins (more shine) and alginate (algae-based mix for better consistency). For light blonde to dark brown hair.

Included in the box: one plastic cap, one pair of gloves and one 100 g sachet of powder.

Prepare a creamy paste by mixing the sachet of powder with 300 ml of 95°C water (just after boiling).
Shampoo before colouring and towel dry hair before applying the powder mix.
Protect your clothes by placing a towel over your shoulders and wearing the gloves provided
Use a colouring brush to apply the paste over a 5 cm area on the roots around the forehead, temples and parting
Massage the rest of the paste (approx. 2/3) into the hair and the front of the head.
Cover with the cap and then wrap your head in a towel or a turban to keep in the heat, this will activate the colouring process.
Leave for 15 minutes -2 hours depending on the colour and thickness of your hair
Gently rinse the hair until the water runs clear
Do not use shampoo immediately after dying!

Indigo Leaf Powder, Henna Leaf extract*, Shikakai Fruit Powder*, Amla Fruit Powder*

*Ingredients from organic farming.

Free of synthetic colourants, synthetic preservatives, peroxide, ammoniac and any other chemical substance.