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Natural hair color Brown B - Terre de Couleur

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100% natural hair colour, ideal after a chemotherapy

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The beautiful Brown natural hair color from Terre de Couleur is perfect for those who want to color their hair after a chemotherapy. The chemical-free composition sublimates your hair and perfectly color / covers gray hair. 

This 100% plant-based brown color puts a protective film on all your hair fiber to protect it from external aggressions and to deeply moisturize it. 

This hair color Brown B is a chocolate-caramel hue, a brown with a deep chocolate undertone. Ideal to give depth and intensity to light brown to dark brown and black hair and to cover gray hair.

Natural coloring is suitable after chemotherapy, this hair color is both a coloring product and a care product. 

The box includes: 

  • A plastic hood 
  • A pair of gloves 
  • A packet of powder

The darkest shades such as Brown B are always used after the application of base coat "A" (copper base). This guarantees an optimal mating result. When this shade is mixed with other shades, the mixture will jazz up the color, adding shine and depth. 

Hair Color: For brown hair

0% Gray Hair: No

Exposure time: 60-120 minutes 

Consistency of the mixture: solid

30-50% Gray Hair: Yes 

Exposure time: 60-120 minutes

Consistency of the mixture: liquid almost solid

50-100% Gray Hair: Yes 

Exposure time: 60-120 minutes

Mixing Consistency: solid

When using an natural hair color for the first time, this natural coloring treatment is ideally applied with a clay hair mask. 

Prepare your coloring: mix 100g of powder and 360ml of water with a wooden spatula to get a smooth paste 

Let stand 10 to 15 minutes   

Apply the color to washed, towel dried and detangled hair  

Apply line by line (as thin as possible) to the roots with a brush  

Don't hesitate to reapply the paste when gray hair reappears  

Wrap your hair in the plastic cap and then under the towel.  

Observe the recommended exposure time.  

Rinse thoroughly until clear water flows.  

To complete your coloring, you can use Terre de Couleur's nourishing detangling balm. 

Frequency of Use: Be careful, wait at least six months after the end of your cancer treatment before resuming hair coloring. Apply every 8 weeks.

Indigofera tinctoria leaf powder, emblica officinalis fruit powder.

Certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard.  

Weight: 100g

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