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Organic Soothing Sweet Almond Oil

100% organic oil, gently moisturises delicate skin - 50 ml

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Emma Noel sweet almond oil is an ally for sensitive and delicate skin thanks to its gentle moisturising action. Its formula softens, protects, smooths and strengthens, allowing dry skin to regain its full vitality and appear smoother. Can be applied to the face, hands and feet, as well as to sensitive and irritated scalps. Throughout chemotherapy treatment, massage your scalp with your fingertips every day to soothe any irritations. This simple gesture also stimulates blood circulation and prepares hair regrowth.

This oil can be used on its own or mixed with another oil.Made in France. Certified Ecocert and Organic Cosmetic Product

Gently massage sweet almond oil into the face, body and scalp.
Throughout chemotherapy, massage the head daily with the tips of your fingers to sooth scalp itching.
Avoid contact with eyes.

100% Organic sweet almond virgin oil
100% natural origin ingredients, 100% organic farming ingredients. First cold pressing.
Made in France

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