Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil - 10 ml

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The organic Tea Tree essential oil acts as an antiseptic and is ideal for ulcers, cuts and skin irritations. This oil can also be used for skin problems, such as itching or eczema.

This organic Tea Tree essential oil is adapted for respiratory illnesses, such as Bronchitis, Nasopharyngitis, as well as genital and urinary infections.

It is one of the top 10 essential oils to always keep in the cupboard at home due to its universal properties!

When applied to ulcers or spots: put 3 drops onto a cotton bud and apply directly to the spot. Re-apply 4 times a day.

Remember the following rule: 1 spot = 1 cotton bud, as infections can be transferred from one cut to another.

For Bronchitis or sore throats: rub 2 drops directly onto the throat or 5 drops directly onto the chest.

For genital or urinary infections: the oil works best when 2 drops are placed in your underwear several times a day.

Latin Name: Malaleuca alternifolia

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