Partial breast form Balance Natura Special Ellipse - Amoena

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Elliptical partial breast form that covers or fills in the lower cup area

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The Balance Natura Special Ellipse partial breast form from Amoena is a partial prosthesis that is particularly suitable for the lower area of ​​the breast to achieve a small push-up effect. 

With its rounded elliptical shape and tapered edges, this ellipse partial breast form helps to correct asymmetry after breast surgery, lumpectomy or breast reconstruction. 

Like all other Natura compensatory shells, this special partial breast form also contains the patented Comfort+ technology. This technology ensures a great wearing comfort because it absorbs the heat, stores it and releases it again. 

The elliptical shape adapts almost invisibly and can be worn directly on the skin.   

  • Balances the silhouette with a push-up effect  
  • Super soft silicone  
  • Soft breast supplement, hugs the breast with its unique elliptical shape  
  • Gives a symmetrical silhouette


Instructions for use:

We recommend that you wear breast prostheses in the pocket of a well-fitting mastectomy bra. Breast prostheses can also be worn directly on the skin in a well-fitting bra. Breast prostheses and breast forms can tolerate chlorine and seawater without any problems. However, they can pick up odors over time (such as body odor or smells from external sources like chlorinated water) that are likely to linger.

We therefore recommend the Amoena Aqua Wave for water sports activities.

Care instructions:

To care for your Amoena breast prosthesis, we recommend daily washing with the Amoena Soft Cleanser, mild soap or liquid detergent. Rinse the prosthesis well with clear water and dry it with a soft towel. Body lotions, powders and natural body oils can form a film on the breast prosthesis.

Please handle your breast prosthesis with care. Pointed or sharp objects such as pins, animal claws, nail files, scissors, etc. can damage the breast prosthesis. Lightweight silicone breasts should be handled with care to avoid damage to the lightweight silicone. Do not squeeze them with fingers and/or fingernails. Discoloration does not affect the quality or effectiveness of the breast prosthesis.

Some substances can damage the coating of the breast prosthesis: - alcohols such as ethanol, propanol or butanol in combination with low molecular weight organic substances such as animal repellents (DEET) or sunscreen - ethyl acetate and other esters - acetone

Wait for the substances to be absorbed and wash your hands before touching your breast prosthesis. Disinfectants are allowed.


PU-Film, Silikon, Phase-Change-Material

1. Identify your cup and bra size

2. Move down the table to find your correct breast form size.

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