Dr. Jeckyll Nude bra cup set with prosthetic pockets - Les monocyclettes

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Les Monocyclettes

The bra duo to combine with other models

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The Monocyclettes brand offers you a unique set: Dr. Jeckyll in nude. The nude Dr. Jeckyll set consists of two non-wired mono cups made of Oeko-Tex cotton for extra comfort.

In addition to the prosthesis pocket for a breast prosthesis after breast surgery, these mono cups have special carriers that distribute the weight evenly.

The imbalance of asymmetrical breasts or the weight of the prostheses is balanced so that you can feel comfortable in your daily underwear and master your day carefree.

Original and feminine, the Dr. Jeckyll Duo can be worn in many ways:

-In the nude set

-Separate only on one side for those who do not want to wear the prosthesis all the time

- By mixing the models and colors with, for example, a Dr. Jeckyll nude side and another black side for more fun!

Have fun with the models of the Monocyclettes!

Hand washing

100% Oeko-Tex cotton without harmful substances.

To find the right size, take your measurements directly on your body with the help of a tape measure.

  • 1.

    Band Size (under-bust)

    Measure under your bust, across your ribcage and around your back under your arms.

  • 2.

    Semi-Bust Size

    Measure the non-operated side by placing the measuring tape at the same level as your nipple. Start from the sternum and stop at the middle of your back. Multiply by 2.

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