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Organic Niaoul Essential Oil

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Protects the skin during radiotherapy - 10ml

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Niaouli organic essential oil is a radiotherapy oil, its many benefits help fight the side effects of cancer treatments.

This essential oil protects the skin during radiation. It also reduces superficial burns while favouring healing.

The Niaouli essential oil is also used to strengthen nails and hair when mixed with Ylang-Ylang essential oil and Argan oil.

When inhaled, it reduces stress and helps with breathing during a cold or respiratory infection.

It is recommended to speak with your Oncologist before using this product.

For radiation protection:

Apply Niaouli essential oil after each radiotherapy appointment. For better application, it is easier to dilute with another oil, such as Sweet Almond, for deeper a reparation of the skin and better scarring.

Recommended mix: Pour a bit of Sweet Almond Oil into the palm of your hand and add a drop of Niaouli essential oil.

For Hair Regrowth and Stronger Nails:

Mix Argan oil, Ylang-Ylang organic essential oil and Niaouli organic essential oil. Apply the mix as a mask to your hair and apply the same mix to your nails.

For stress and respiratory infections:

Put a drop of Niaouli essential oil on each wrist and gently breathe in its light perfume.

Ingredients : Oxides (Cineole: 50 to 65 %), Monoterpenes (15 to 20%), Sesquiterpenols (5 to 20 %) (including Viridiflorol: 2 to 10 %)
Others: Monoterpenols (7 to 15 %), Sesquiterpenes (2 to 5 %)

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Organic Niaoul Essential Oil

Organic Niaoul Essential Oil

Protects the skin during radiotherapy - 10ml

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