Seaband Nausea Bracelet - Black

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Seaband acupressure bracelets to naturally relieve nausea. Ideal during chemotherapy.

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The nausea bracelet in black from Seaband is a natural solution to fight against nausea.

These antiemetic bracelets help fight against any type of nausea caused by chemotherapy, medical treatments, motion sickness or pregnancy.
Issued from a natural acupressure technique and without any medicinal substances, this bracelet helps reduce and prevent different types of illnesses, nausea and vomiting.

Without any side effects or drowsiness, these bracelets work straightaway, even after nausea has started. As soon as the bracelet is removed, the effects of the bracelet will stop.
The nausea bracelets naturally relieve nausea using acupressure techniques (tradition Chinese method derived from acupuncture, but without needles). This technique is based on exerting pressure on the P6 point, also called Nei-Kuan or "inside door", thanks to a plastic pastille.

The bracelets are worn around the wrists, the ball of the Nei-Kuan point should be placed three finger lengths away from the palm of your hand. It has been proven that the exerted pressure on this point relieves nausea and vomiting.

During chemotherapy, 35% of the patients suffer from vomiting and 60% will experience nausea which may last several days. Several studies have proven the effective results of these nausea bracelets: 70% of the patients who use these bracelets report that nausea and vomiting are reduced during and after chemotherapy.

2 bracelets in box. Ideal during chemotherapy.

You will love the black colour that can be easily combined with any type of clothing.

Wear a nausea bracelet from Seaband on each wrist. The white button should press directly onto the skin, the Nei Kuan point of each wrist.

How to find the Nei Kuan point:
Turn the palm of your hand facing up.
Place the fingers of the other hand (index, middle, ring) on the forearm, the ring finger on the first fold of the wrist.

The bracelets are washable and therefore reusable.

Made from jersey stretch equipped with a plastic pastille.

64.2% acrylic, 24.2% nylon, 11.6% elastane

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