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Ultra Nail Varnish Silicium-Urea - Clear

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Eye Care

Anti-UV protective nail varnish for chemotherapy - 5 ml

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The clear anti-UV silicium varnish is ideal to care for your nails whilst still staying neat and feminine during chemotherapy. Its high-tolerance formula is enriched with two active ingredients with properties particularly well-suited to the needs of nails during chemotherapy: Silicium, which protects and strengthens the nail, and Urea, which fights drying and thickening of the nail. Its formula has been specifically developed to be formaldehyde-free, toluen-free, colophane-free, chemical filter-free, nickel-free and paraben-free.

Apply two layers of Eye Care silicium-urea varnish for optimum anti-UVA and anti-UVB action, particularly during photosensitizing chemotherapy treatments such as taxotere.

For maximum protection, particularly during chemotherapy treatment which can weaken the nail, follow these steps:

1. Remove old nail varnish with an acetone-free nail varnish remover
2. Apply a base coat of transparent ultra nail varnish silicium-urea
3. Apply two layers of coloured ultra nail varnish silicium-urea, with UVA and UVB protection if undergoing photosensitizing treatment
4. Apply a top coat of transparent ultra nail varnish silicium-urea to fix the colour

It is possible to make a few small retouches if your varnish is chipped, but we recommend removing the varnish completely in order to avoid suffocating weakened nails

Silicium: Strengthens and protects
Urea: Prevents drying out and nail thickening.
Free of formalin, formaldehyde resin, toluene, rosin, chemical filters, nickel and parabens.



Ce vernis, je m’ecouterais, je le déconseillerais pour en garder l’exclusivité !!!
Mais non, rassurez-vous je le recommande fortement car il est GÉNIAL !!!!
Sèche rapidement, belle brillance, il fait sur l’ongle on sent l’effet.
Par contre il faut remettre une couche chaque jour car ongles (pieds et mains) l’absorbe rapidement, dans mon cas...
Donc, je veux bien partager pour la bonne cause... merci les filles pour avoir trouvé ce produit pour nous.

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    Ultra Nail Varnish Silicium-Urea - Clear

    Ultra Nail Varnish Silicium-Urea - Clear

    Anti-UV protective nail varnish for chemotherapy - 5 ml

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