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Speeds up nail varnish drying time

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Même Cosmetics Express Dry Nail is ideal for when you are in a rush. Just one drop on each nail cuts in two the drying time of your nail varnish, quicker for a single layer of varnish.

This product absorbs the solvents in your nail varnish to accelerate the drying process. Express dry drops have an oily texture to help them spread across the entire nail until it is completely dry and leaves your varnish completely ready in no time.

A real must-have for your nail care routine, this Même Cosmetics nail dryer will quickly find its place among your favorite products! Applied after the nail polish, the nail dryer cuts the drying time of the polish by half. It also protects your manicure from chipping, extends the wear of your nail polish and adds shine to your nails. 

The natural and gentle composition, with 75% ingredients of natural & vegan origin, cares for your damaged nails. We know how weakened or even painful nails after cancer treatments can be distressing. 

Based on coconut oily solvents, the nail dryer does not dry out cuticles and nails. On the contrary, the oil dries the nail polish while soothing and nourishing the cuticles and nails.

Finally a product that speeds up the drying time of nail polish while being kind to damaged hands and sensitive skin! 

75% ingredients of natural & vegan origin

Bottle: 9ml


Manicure nails regularly by applying one base coat, two layers of nail varnish with silicium-urea and a top coat if necessary.
Apply a drop of Eye Care Express Dry nail varnish to each nail
Wait a few minutes until completely dry
Your manicure is complete, leaving you to go about your daily business!

This formula is free of perfumes, formalin, toluene (solvent), preservatives, rosin (plasticiser), camphor, phthalate and parabens.

Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Disiloxane (AS01)

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