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Shape 3 is a full cup fit for breasts, narrower for less coverage in the top centre. The 3E shape offers a lower cut on the inside edge and an asymmetrical shape.

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The Natura 3E breast form from Amoena respects your skin and natural breast movement after a mastectomy.


The Natura breast form from Amoena is designed to resemble the shape of a natural breast. In addition to naturally following the movements of your body, this breast form also quickly adapts to your body temperature.
On the inside, the layer of silicone is ultra-supple and light for a more natural and realistic appearance. On the outside of the prosthesis, a thin layer of silicone gives the cup a natural, almost invisible colour when placed in the bra.


forme prothèse mammaireShape 3 is a full cup fit for breasts, with a soft transition to upper chest where less volume is needed.

The weight of this breast form is the same as a normal breast.
Use the guides bellows to help you choose the right shape and breast form for you

shape 3 breast form - Amoena


Extra form for more low-cut look. This design can be worn on the left or the right.

Natura breast form table - Amoena


Wash regularly with warm water or with a small amount of fragrance-free soap
Rinse, then carefully dry with a soft towel
When you are not wearing your breast form, make sure you keep it in its box so that it retains its shape
You can wear your breast form whilst swimming in a pool or the sea. Remember to rinse immediately afterwards with clean water.

NB. any cuts made by sharp objects are irreparable

100% Silicone

1. Identify your cup and bra size

2. Move down the table to find your correct breast form size.

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