Energy Light 2U - Breast Form - Amoena

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Universal shaped light prosthesis for an average cup fit

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The Amoena Energy Light 2U breast form is designed to reduce sweating and increase the evaporation rate during physical effort, treatment or menopause, while taking into consideration body odours. The Energy prosthesis by Amoena offers freshness and comfort by maintaining a stable body temperature all day long. The polyutherane film helps reduce bacteria by 99.9%, helping prevent body odours and giving you a feeling of freshness.
A Light breast form is a prosthesis that is up to 30% lighter than a standard prosthesis that weighs the same as a non-operated breast. The Light version is required for certain morphologies (large busts), certain illnesses (osteoporosis, lymphedema) or use during exercise.
Its natural feel and the silicone aspect on both sides are very pleasant, making this prosthesis very soft and supple to the touch. Shape 2 is an average cup fit (medium curve), for breasts that have a tendency to sag.

Universal shape:
Based on your morphology and your operation, choose the correct shape for your breast form (symmetrical, asymmetrical, universal)
The Universal shape offers the same benefits as an asymmetrical prosthesis, while being worn on either side of the body. It allows for a natural transition to the top of the thoracic cage, an extra-extension under the arm and more cleavage.


Wash regularly with warm water or with a small amount of fragrance-free soap
Rinse, then carefully dry with a terry towel
When you are not wearing your breast form, make sure you keep it in its box so that it retains its shape
You can wear your prosthesis whilst swimming in a pool or the sea, and rinse immediately with freshwater.

NB. any cuts made by sharp objects are irreparable

Silicone, Polyurethane

1. Identify your cup and bra size

2. Move down the table to find your correct breast form size.

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