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Algamaris - SPF 50+ Sunscreen Stick

Organic sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun during cancer treatments. Water resistant - 25g

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Estimated 28/04/2018

The SPF 50+ certified organic Sunscreen Stick from Algamaris is protects all the sensitive areas of your face, as well as your neck, neckline and hands.

This mineral sunscreen ensures very high sun protection and is perfectly adapted for fragile skin, notably during cancer treatments.

With its pleasant texture, this sunscreen stick leaves your skin feeling hydrated without sticking and is water resistant.

Perfume-free and odour-free, this certified organic sunscreen stick is will not break or melt. It's a must-have in your handbag during sunny days!

Active ingredients:

  • Alga Gorria®: antioxidant

  • Micronized titanium oxide: natural mineral screens which ensures very high sun protection (UVA+UVB)

  • Organic beeswax: moisturises and protects against external aggressors

  • Organic shea butter: rich in vitamin E and F, nourishes, repairs, moisturises and replenishs

  • Organic sunflower oil: rich in linoleic acid (omega 6). Moisturises, regenerates and restructures

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