Short Wig - Hit Look Tresse* - Chocolate Shaded

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This Hit Look* Chocolate Shaded made from synthetic hair from the Annica Hansen Collection represents the ultimate beauty look. You will be able to style it how you wish, thanks to the Lace Front that makes it impossible to detect, even with the forehead uncovered! 

This synthetic hair wig, perfectly natural and undetectable, has a very easy maintenance.

Tresse Cap *: is fully machine sewn. For a more natural look on the front of the forehead, a Lace Front has been placed to imitate the appearance of the hairline as much as possible.

Shaded indicates darker colors on the roots to mimic natural hair regrowth.

We Love: the hair-decoiffed effect that gives punch to your face

For the maintenance of your wig please refer to some essential tips:

To style your wig, use a brush suitable for synthetic hair and start gently at the ends and work up to the roots.

To wash your wig (about 3 times a month), soak it in cold water with a knob of special shampoo for synthetic hair for about 15 minutes, then rinse it with clean water. Dab gently with a towel without wrinkling it and leave to dry on a support (prosthesis holder, shower head....). To limit the number of washes, it is preferable to wear a bonnet under the wig when worn.

After wearing it, leave it a few hours with the cap facing outwards before putting it in a box with, preferably, a tissue ball inside the cap.

Avoid any heat sources that damage the wig. In particular, do not use a hair dryer! Do not leave the wig outdoors as it attracts dust. It is also better not to sleep wearing the wig or wearing it in the pool.

Do not use gel.

Synthetic fibre: Modacrylic. This fibre does not support any heat source (Example: hair dryer, straightener, hot water).

It is the most widely used fiber for wig making due to its huge choice of colors.

Certain wigs have a Lace Front: A fine lace mesh placed at the front of the wig to ressemble the hair line, for a more natural look.

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