Mid-length Wig - Lake Mono Raquel Welch

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The hair is hand-sewn onto a thin lace, strand by strand to perfectly imitate the scalp.

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This synthetic wig Lake from Raquel Welch with a Monofilament**** cap is an elegant curly shoulder-length cut for a chic, seductive look. It is ideal for cancer patients who are suffering from hair loss or people with alopecia.

Comfort of a  monofilament wig: half machine and half hand-made, the inner cap of the wig also consists of a monofilament part at the hairline. At this point, the result is very natural, just like the scalp. A Lace Front has been integrated into the front of the cap to imitate the hairline.

1. Maschine-sewn including mono-parting
2. Extended Lace Front to imitate the hairline
3. Secure Hold
4. Velcro: Size adjustable

This wig is a standard sized model, measuring 54 to 58 cm around the head.

The description "Rooted" means that the hair colour is darker at the roots to imitate natural hair regrowth

Please read the following important information to ensure the proper upkeep of your wig:

  • Avoid all heat sources as your wig can be damaged (Take off your wig whilst cooking, do not use a hairdryer, hair straightener or hot water, ...)
  • Avoid leaving your wig out as it is a real dust gatherer.
  • After wearing it, turn it inside-out and let it air for several hours before putting it in the hair net, stuffing it with tissue paper and laying it flat in the box.
  • To style your wig, use a special synthetic wig hair brush, and delicately start brushing the ends, while slowly making your way up to the roots.
  • To wash your wig (2-3 times a month), let it soak in cold water with a small amount of special synthetic wig shampoo for 15 minutes, then rinse with fresh water (do not put shampoo directly on the wig). Pat dry with a towel, avoid wringing the wig and hang it up to dry (wig stand, shower head...)
  • To reduce the number of washes, it is recommended to wear a small cap under your wig.
  • Do not use gel or hair spray!
  • It is recommended to not sleep with your wig as it can prematurely damaged it.
  • It is also recommended to not wear your wig at the swimming pool (or to buy a wig adapted for this activity)

Synthetic Fibre (Modacrylic)
NB. This fibre cannot handle any heat source (hair dryers, straighteners, hot water…). It is the most popular fibre used in the making of wigs due to its large choice of colours.

Certain wigs have a Lace Front: A fine lace mesh placed at the front of the wig to ressemble the hair line, for a more natural look.

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